Retiro 2023

R.E.S.P.I.R.A. - Retiro de silêncio presencial de Meditação Mindfulness os 13 sentidos

Formadora : Maria Do Céu Santos -Torres Novas - Irmãs de S. José de Cluny

22 a 25 abril 2023


Retreat presentation:

Days: 22 (11am) Saturday; 23 Sunday; 24, Monday, 25 Tusday (until 1am)

The senses are always present in our lives and are so important in our health, in our behavior, in the way we relate to each other and in life in general, that we only notice them if we lose them. In this RETREAT, we will take a trip through the 13 senses and at the same time we will welcome emotions, feelings, we’ll breathe the fresh and calm air of the gardens, feel the freedom of dance, stretch and strengthen our muscles, sleep in the tranquility and safety of the convent’s rooms and we’ll taste the food prepared by the Sisters of S. José de Cluny.